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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Seven Lies about Smoking! Using Hypnosis / NLP makes it Easier to STOP!

Giving up smoking is
the easiest thing
in the world.
I know because
I've done it
thousands of times.
Mark Twain

There's a BIG
difference between

1 – You should Quit smoking.  Really?  Who wants to be a “Quitter”?  The cigarette companies know that people don’t like to be “Quitters” that’s why in their public service announcements / commercials they use the word “Quit” instead of “Stop”.  Instead of Quitting, how about “STOPPING” with intention – just like when You STOP Your car?

2 – You’re going to gain weight when You STOP Smoking?  Well, that’s true –IF YOU REPLACE SMOKING WITH EATING, especially if You replace it with SWEETS!  So to counteract that, I give my Clients the suggestion of being healthy – which includes healthier eating.  And healthier eating would NOT lead to weight gain.

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