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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Using Hypnosis to Help a Baseball Player Stop Wetting His Bed.

No matter how good you are,
you're going to lose
one-third of your games.
No matter how bad you are
you're going to win
one-third of your games.
It's the other third
that makes the difference.”
Tommy Lasorda

First thing to realize, he’s probably embarrassed to be talking about it anyway.  Facing the embarrassment of the thought that his teammates may tease him and his friends might make fun of him. And it took courage for him to consider Hypnosis for help with this problem.

Now, let’s talk about Blaine, a young athlete, the bed wetting baseball player and how Hypnosis helped him. Blaine is nine years old. He loves baseball! He would love to go to sports camps and spend nights at his friend’s house, but can’t. He’s afraid he’ll be embarrassed the next morning.

His Mother called me and asked if I could help him using Hypnosis. She liked the way I explained how we would be working on SELF TALK, Self Hypnosis, and CONFIDENCE in all areas to help Blaine move beyond this problem. I asked her to make a sentence, using the word “problem” in it to tell me what we would be working with.

She said, “Blaine’s problem is he wets his bed.” I suggested, “instead of saying ‘Blaine’s’ problem, how about saying ‘THE’ PROBLEM. I helped her understand that when she said “Blaine’s problem” she was making it more difficult for him to get past the problem. 

Why would this make it more difficult?  Simple logic!  When we say ‘my problem’ we’re saying it belongs to us. Anything that ‘belongs’ to us, the SubConscious Mind wants to keep and get more of.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Bucket List? Use Hypnosis to Create a Butterfly List!

What the caterpillar calls
the end of the world,
the Master calls
the butterfly."

- Richard Bach

One of my favorite movies of all time was “The Bucket List” with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.
And it got me to thinking:
• Did I have a Bucket List?
• Would I even want to have a Bucket List?
• Why did I seem to have some resistance to the idea of a Bucket List?
• Would it be beneficial to have a Bucket List?
Being a Hypnotist and especially because of the work in some of the areas I work in, I’m probably more analytical when it comes to words and ideas than most people – even most Hypnotists!
And after looking at the idea, I realized the resistance I was feeling was the concept of a Bucket List as things I wanted to do before I die!
At first I couldn’t understand why I had such resistance, and then I realized it was because it has a negative connotation to it – dying! --

(in case you're wondering -- Christopher Columbus Smith was my Great, Great GrandFather!)
I’m all about LIVING LIFE and enjoying every day as much as possible – so the idea of thinking about things to do before I die, just didn’t make any sense.
So I decided to rename it – my “Butterfly List”.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pictures and Quotes Motivational Gallery Page 1

"I'm about five inches
from being an outstanding golfer.
That's the distance my left ear
is from my right."
-- Ben Crenshaw

"Golf, as do all sports,
requires Focused,
Relaxed Alertness"
- Coach William C. Smith


.“Achieving Goals is the result
of Discipline and Action.”
.-- Coach William C. Smith

You'll find some of these motivational quote/pics directly related to specific sports, some to sports in general, and some are just great motivational quotes. You'll even enjoy some funny ones. 

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Coach William C. Smith is available for Sports Hypnosis / NLP for professional, college, high school, and recreational athletes of all sports and skill levels.  Professional office is located in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.  Video Skype sessions are also available in some circumstances.

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Seven Myths of Weight Loss that will Sabotage You! Using Hypnosis and NLP makes it Easier to REDUCE Weight and Keep it off!

“You must feed your mind
even as you feed your body,
and to make your mind healthy
you must feed it
nourishing, wholesome thoughts.”
Norman Vincent Peale

1 – Diets are good.  Really?  And how many “diets” have You been on?  Some may have taken some pounds off, and others might have left You feeling tired, or weak – unsatisfied.  And the fact that You’re looking at this page says the Diet didn’t last.  Why?  Usually when a person finishes the “diet” they go right back to their old unhealthy eating habits and the weight comes right back.

2 – Exercise is the answer!  Many people just don’t like the idea of exercising.  Just thinking about exercising, or going to the gym, or working out is a negative for some people.  How about “reframing” (an NLP technique) and doing some “movement” or “activity”.  No negative connotations to these words.  We move constantly – breathing, digestion, etc.  And Activity sounds like fun – like when we were kids!  Remember?

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sports Hypnosis – Golfers and Other Athletes – What is Your “Ability” level?

And with some practice, he began to imagine himself enjoying golf more and playing better.  He even imagined how he would feel when he won in a charity golf tournament his company sponsors each year.

“Without continual
growth and progress,
such words
as improvement,
and success
have no meaning.”
Benjamin Franklin

Sean, one of my local Dallas / Fort Worth SportsHypnosis / NLP clients – a golfer – came in for his visit last week.  We’ve been working on building up his Confidence on the golf course.

He asked me if I remembered a question he asked during his first session. He had asked several questions, as most people do, and even though I was pretty sure I knew which question he was referring to, I asked him to remind me.

He laughed and continued filling out his progress report. That’s how we start our visits. Each of my clients fills out a “progress” report. It tells me what tools they’ve been using that I taught them, how the tools are helping, and what progress they’ve noticed.

Some of the progress will be directly related to the work we’re doing, in Sean’s case, lowering his golf score, and some may be in areas they weren’t expecting, but are glad for anyway.

And of course, they tell me if they’re listening to the Hypnosis CDs I give them and what benefit they’re getting from the Hypnosis CDs.

Now first, you may have noticed we’re discussing a “PROGRESS” report. It’s called that for a reason, and the word “Progress” is in the title at the top of the page.

I could just ask “how are you doing?”, but I’ve found that the word “Progress” moves the mind into thinking in that direction. And they know that each time they come to visit, there will be a new “Progress” report and more “Progress” will be discussed – setting up the expectation of making positive changes.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


"Of all the hazards,

fear is the worst."

Sam Snead

From my experience as a professional Sports Hypnotist with an NGH Golf Specialist Certification, I’ve noticed that out of all my athletes from various sports, Golfers are the ones who are most acquainted with the idea of mental training, but very few Golfers utilize it anywhere near as much as they should. Most Golfers seem to make these same seven Mental Hazards over and over.

Ridding your Mind of these Mental Hazards can really elevate your game. Imagine if you just focused on getting rid of one at a time, and each time you did, you took 1 or 2 strokes off your game! Or you could hold onto these Hazards and keep complaining about your score. The choice is up to you!

Let’s see what they are and how to correct them.

1 – Fear, Hesitation, and Doubt are the triplets of negative thinking. There’s one word that counteracts all of them – Confidence! When you’re playing with Confidence, and if you’re not, pretend you are, then those negative words will lose their impact. We’re born with natural Confidence. You ever see a baby learning to walk? He has no doubt that one day he’s going to be walking just like those giants around him. And nothing is going to stop him from learning how to walk! That’s the kind of Confidence to have – nothing is going to stop you! Play Fearless golf!

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