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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Using Hypnosis to Help a Baseball Player Stop Wetting His Bed.

No matter how good you are,
you're going to lose
one-third of your games.
No matter how bad you are
you're going to win
one-third of your games.
It's the other third
that makes the difference.”
Tommy Lasorda

First thing to realize, he’s probably embarrassed to be talking about it anyway.  Facing the embarrassment of the thought that his teammates may tease him and his friends might make fun of him. And it took courage for him to consider Hypnosis for help with this problem.

Now, let’s talk about Blaine, a young athlete, the bed wetting baseball player and how Hypnosis helped him. Blaine is nine years old. He loves baseball! He would love to go to sports camps and spend nights at his friend’s house, but can’t. He’s afraid he’ll be embarrassed the next morning.

His Mother called me and asked if I could help him using Hypnosis. She liked the way I explained how we would be working on SELF TALK, Self Hypnosis, and CONFIDENCE in all areas to help Blaine move beyond this problem. I asked her to make a sentence, using the word “problem” in it to tell me what we would be working with.

She said, “Blaine’s problem is he wets his bed.” I suggested, “instead of saying ‘Blaine’s’ problem, how about saying ‘THE’ PROBLEM. I helped her understand that when she said “Blaine’s problem” she was making it more difficult for him to get past the problem. 

Why would this make it more difficult?  Simple logic!  When we say ‘my problem’ we’re saying it belongs to us. Anything that ‘belongs’ to us, the SubConscious Mind wants to keep and get more of.

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