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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sports Hypnosis -- Bears, Sleep, and Athletes. What’s the Connection?

“The greatest achievements
were at first
and for a time dreams.
The oak sleeps in the acorn.”
James Allen

What’s the connection between Athletes and Bears?  Bears instinctively know how to sleep!  As do most animals of course.  They know how to turn off the worry button, or just the active mind.

Bears hibernate.  Now we’re not going to hibernate like bears, but an Athlete needs to be able to get a great night’s sleep to restore energy, and to allow both the body and the mind to relax and restore.

If the body is not relaxed properly and given a chance to rest, then the Athlete is not going to be able to maximize their ability to play their sport.  And every Athlete has dreams and goals and want to be recognized for their achievements.  Without the ability to get a good restful Sleep, those dreams and goals are going to be much more difficult to achieve!  And Sports Hypnosis can help the Athlete to drift off to sleep and get a good night's sleep.

It doesn’t matter whether you play or participate in:
martial arts
body building
or any other sport
You need to be properly rested – especially before a major tournament or sporting event!  If you’re not properly rested – physically and mentally – then you’re not going to be giving your best sports performance.

And if an Athlete’s mind is not allowed some down time to process the daily stress, then the Athlete is not going to be as mentally sharp as needed to play their best either.  Lack of sleep will interfere with an Athlete’s ability to Focus.

The biggest problems Athletes tell me about sleep is they have trouble turning their mind off.  About the time they’re ready to go to sleep, they begin to think about practice, the next game, the next big test, their girlfriend / boyfriend, how early they have to get up, paying bills – so many things that just keeps them awake!

And what does the Athlete ask him/herself when sleep just won’t come?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

An Imaginary Interview with Tony Romo – Cowboys Quarterback and part time Golfer.

Success in golf has a lot to do with being able to perform consistently at the highest level.  This requires great mental strength and self-belief that if you do hit a bad patch you can quickly get back on track.  Alongside working on my technique, I try to spend plenty of time developing the right mental state of mind for competition.”
 Ross Fisher team member of 2010 winning Ryder Cup team

OK, here’s me, Coach William C. Smith at a Dallas Cowboy game in 2009.  And no that’s not Tony Romo, but at least I got a fun picture with a “Cowboy” Star Wars soldier!
As you know, I’m a Sports Hypnotist in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex and Tony Romo is quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. I haven’t met Tony yet, but if you know him and want to see him do better in either football, or golf, feel free to give him my information. This is an imaginary interview with Tony Romo, but read it and you’ll find some useful ideas that can help you – regardless of your sport, age, or skill level.

Coach William – Tony, first of all, congratulations on your marriage. I’m sure you just disappointed a lot of women by taking your name off the bachelor list here in Dallas.

Tony Romo – Thanks Coach. Playing the field finally got old. I think this will help me be more focused for the next season.

Coach – Speaking of focus. I understand your golf focus needs a little work.

Tony – As you know, I play a lot of golf in the off season. It helps me relax and I just enjoy being outdoors and the competition.

Coach – Who’s your competition when you’re playing golf?

Tony – (Starts naming some names of other golfers and other athletes)

Coach – Well, there’s a big part of the problem!

Tony – My problem?

Friday, May 20, 2016

Is Tiger Woods’ Mental Game Slipping? Maybe he needs a dose of Sports Hypnosis / NLP!

“Welcome to golf, I wish we could say we could putt well every day, but it doesn't happen. The only thing you can do is control your speed every day. This week, my speed has been a little bit erratic.”
Tiger Woods

This article was originally published by William C. Smith, BCH 01-29-11.

Has Tiger Woods won a major title since 2008? Wasn't the 2008 U.S. Open his last? Is there hope for him? Only if he can get his mental game back!

Even though Tiger Woods is a six times tournament winner at Torrey Pines he didn’t play well during his first tournament of 2011. The Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines in San Diego wasn’t very kind to him.

On the third day of the tournament, he came in a distant eight strokes off the lead with a four under 212. Phil Mickelson was tied with Bill Haas for second place with a score of 204.

Twenty Six year old Jhonattan Vegas upstaged his playing partner – Tiger Woods -- and is only three off the lead with 207. Earlier, Vegas said this about Tiger Woods "Some of the stuff he has done has been unbelievable. And just to be in a golf tournament with him is a pleasure."

Vegas went from being a US PGA Tour rookie to the victor last Sunday in the Bob Hope Classic in the desert near Palm Springs. Of course many of us would not be surprised since he was a standout at the University of Texas.

Vegas commented, “It has been, I guess, a couple of crazy days. Between being a rookie and being a winner was a huge jump. It has been exciting! It has been a pleasure! It has been really good!”

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Seven Lies about Smoking! Using Hypnosis / NLP makes it Easier to STOP!

Giving up smoking is
the easiest thing
in the world.
I know because
I've done it
thousands of times.
Mark Twain

There's a BIG
difference between

1 – You should Quit smoking.  Really?  Who wants to be a “Quitter”?  The cigarette companies know that people don’t like to be “Quitters” that’s why in their public service announcements / commercials they use the word “Quit” instead of “Stop”.  Instead of Quitting, how about “STOPPING” with intention – just like when You STOP Your car?

2 – You’re going to gain weight when You STOP Smoking?  Well, that’s true –IF YOU REPLACE SMOKING WITH EATING, especially if You replace it with SWEETS!  So to counteract that, I give my Clients the suggestion of being healthy – which includes healthier eating.  And healthier eating would NOT lead to weight gain.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

What does Hypnosis have to do with “butterbeans” and Half Price Book Stores?

“Books were my pass to personal freedom.

I learned to read at age three, and soon discovered there was a whole world to conquer that went beyond our farm in Mississippi.”  Oprah Winfrey


Imagine my surprise recently when I heard a commercial for Half Price Books – one of my most favorite places in the world – and I heard them talking about butter beans!  I have several near my office in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex to choose from --Half Price Book stores, not butterbeans.
It took me a while to figure out what they were talking about. Normally I’m pretty good at figuring out things, but I was driving and looking for an address I wasn’t familiar with.
The announcer was saying something about his son liking Half Price Books and he associated them with the smell of butter beans.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hypnosis and Self Forgiveness for a Healthy Weight

"Only after we can learn to forgive ourselves can we accept others as they are because we don't feel threatened by anything about them which is better than us." - Stephen Covey

During my Hypnosis sessions I discover that I just seem to know the right things to say during the sessions with my clients. That’s probably due to my years of experience working with so many people in so many different areas of Hypnosis.

Many times, I like to use a particular story – I don’t use “scripts”. My clients need individual work, not something I’m going to read to them or memorize. And one of the stories I tell – always tailored to them of course - is where they meet their “future” self – usually on a beach.

Connie was one of my weight reduction clients. She wanted to “lose” 50 pounds. Or at least that’s what she thought she wanted when we first talked on the phone. Obviously, she had not read the information on my website about the difference between “losing” weight and getting rid of it.

Who really wants to “lose” weight, only to find it again? Does that really make sense? And that’s what happens most times. Do you know anyone who “lost” weight, and then found it again? Maybe you?

Connie didn’t look that much overweight. And she said she didn’t understand why she was overweight – at least that much. She didn’t eat that much, her job and two kids kept her physically busy. And she didn’t really eat that many sweets.

She told me she had tried every fad diet and weight loss program out there, and yes, she had lost weight, and found it again – several times over!

A friend told her about coming to see me for Hypnosis and how it had helped her so Connie thought “Why not?”

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It Starts with a Dream! Using Sports Performance Hypnosis / NLP for Success

"Life takes on meaning
when you become motivated,
set goals and charge after
them in an unstoppable manner."
Les Brown

It starts with a Dream
A Dream becomes a Goal
To get to the Goal, develop a Plan
And then work the Plan
And adjust the Plan as needed to Achieve the Goal
And that makes the Dream – Reality.

Every successful Athlete has Goals. Do you? If not, why not? Are they important? Yes, in fact, they’re just down right essential if you really want to be successful.

But here’s something a lot of people don’t know – Goals have to start with a Dream!.Not the kind of dream you have at night while you’re sleeping, although you may find yourself “night dreaming” about them.

I’m talking about the kind of Dreams that causes you to look ahead and see and feel yourself being the Athlete you want and deserve to be.

Some obvious Dreams:
· Football players dream of winning the Super Bowl
· Baseball players – World Series
· Hockey – the Stanley Cup
· Basketball – NBA Championships
· Golf – Masters Tournament
· Tennis – Wimbledon
· Soccer – World Cup
· Body Building – Mr. (or Miss) Universe

."What keeps me going is goals."
Muhammad Ali

Those are all wonderful and exciting, but the goal has to be achievable to be believable. And it has to be believable to be effective. Rarely can those “super goals” be achieved without many smaller goals in between.

How will Sports Hypnosis/ NLP help you achieve your Goals?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Pictures and Quotes Motivational Gallery Page 3

"The only thing worse
than looking ahead
on the golf course
is looking backwards."
-- Jim Flick

“To achieve your Dreams / Goals
what are you willing to give,
exchange, or change for them?”
-- Coach William C. Smith
"Confidence, when coupled with
Action - destroys Doubts.”
-- Coach William C. Smith

You'll find some of these motivational quote/pics directly related to specific sports, some to sports in general, and some are just great motivational quotes. You'll even enjoy some funny ones.
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