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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sports Hypnosis -- Bears, Sleep, and Athletes. What’s the Connection?

“The greatest achievements
were at first
and for a time dreams.
The oak sleeps in the acorn.”
James Allen

What’s the connection between Athletes and Bears?  Bears instinctively know how to sleep!  As do most animals of course.  They know how to turn off the worry button, or just the active mind.

Bears hibernate.  Now we’re not going to hibernate like bears, but an Athlete needs to be able to get a great night’s sleep to restore energy, and to allow both the body and the mind to relax and restore.

If the body is not relaxed properly and given a chance to rest, then the Athlete is not going to be able to maximize their ability to play their sport.  And every Athlete has dreams and goals and want to be recognized for their achievements.  Without the ability to get a good restful Sleep, those dreams and goals are going to be much more difficult to achieve!  And Sports Hypnosis can help the Athlete to drift off to sleep and get a good night's sleep.

It doesn’t matter whether you play or participate in:
martial arts
body building
or any other sport
You need to be properly rested – especially before a major tournament or sporting event!  If you’re not properly rested – physically and mentally – then you’re not going to be giving your best sports performance.

And if an Athlete’s mind is not allowed some down time to process the daily stress, then the Athlete is not going to be as mentally sharp as needed to play their best either.  Lack of sleep will interfere with an Athlete’s ability to Focus.

The biggest problems Athletes tell me about sleep is they have trouble turning their mind off.  About the time they’re ready to go to sleep, they begin to think about practice, the next game, the next big test, their girlfriend / boyfriend, how early they have to get up, paying bills – so many things that just keeps them awake!

And what does the Athlete ask him/herself when sleep just won’t come?

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