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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day after Day - Habits Create Your Life!

Do You Remember the movie “Groundhog Day”?

How many people are trapped in their everyday habits:
part numb,
part frightened,
part indifferent? 
To have a better life
we must keep choosing
 how we’re living.
- Albert Einstein

I think it was around 1993 or so. Bill Murray plays a weatherman who gets assigned to cover the story of Punxsutawaney Phil – the Ground Hog who forecasts whether there will be six more weeks of Winter or the arrival of Spring. Bill Murray’s character is also named Phil – he calls the Groundhog a “rat”.

Phil (Bill Murray – not the groundhog) finishes the story, but a big snow storm comes through and traps him there for the night. The next day Phil wakes up only to discover it’s Feb. 2nd all over again and he is reliving the same day over and over. If you haven’t seen the movie – rent it or watch it when it comes back on TV as a rerun again, and again, and again.

So now let me ask you a question. How much of your life is like Phil’s – the same thing over and over and over again. Oh yeah, I know there are differences in each day, but overall, I would guess on the average about 90% of each day is the same over and over.

Wait, what about weekends? Or days off from work? OK those days are probably 90% the same as your other weekends and days off.

Why are they the same? Because our lives are ruled by habits.

Where do habits live? In our SubConscious. Thankfully! Imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have habits, and we actually had to think about what we were doing all the time!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gizer's Story - Teaching Children (and Adults) how to deal with Fears

In order to help my Dallas / Fort Worth (and beyond) Hypnosis / NLP clients – young and old to Overcome Fears and develop Confidence, I enlisted the aid of Gizer, a very wise, furry, four legged friend from a few years back.

This is a story about Gizer and how Gizer helped some of his Young Friends remove some FEARS that were bothering them.

Maybe you’ve had some Fears bothering you too and after you listen to this story, maybe a few times or maybe several times, I think you will find that it helps you as well as it did Gizer’s friends.

So let’s get started, one day Gizer . . .

One day Gizer decided he wanted to go to visit his friends at the Zoo.
Now right away, you may be wondering who is Gizer. Gizer is a very old Dog who has lots of friends. He has lots of Dog friends of course. He has Cat friends, Bird friends, Squirrel friends, and many other Animal friends. And he also has People friends too – Girls and Boys, and Mommies and Daddies, GrandParents friends, Uncle and Aunt friends, and even Teacher friends.
And who are his friends he goes to visit at the Zoo?
They’re Young Animal Friends who all play together in a special area for Young Zoo Animals. Sometimes they play in a park and sometimes they go to school together. Sometimes Gizer is invited to teach classes at their school, but today he just went to visit them in the park where they play.
When he got there, he was very surprised to find them all sitting around looking worried, sad, and well, just not happy.
He asked them why they were looking this way – worried, sad, and well, just not happy.
Bob the Bear answered first. He said they were having a really good time playing and all of a sudden a mouse had run out and scared Ellie the Elephant and some of the older animal kids – who were Bullies, started making fun of her for being afraid of a mouse and then Ellie started crying.
Then Maria the Monkey, who was afraid of Bullies got scared because she saw them being mean to Ellie for being afraid of a mouse and she was afraid they would start being mean to her too.
But when LeBron the Lion saw that Ellie and Maria were afraid of the Bullies, he went over and stood beside Ellie and Maria. And the Bullies left!
And then several of the young ZOO Animal Children started thinking about things they were afraid of and they just all sat down together and started talking about FEARS and being Afraid. And the more they talked about FEARS and being Afraid, the more afraid and sad and unhappy they were.
Gizer looked at them and said “How interesting!”
Gizer said that a lot when he wanted to make a point. Why? Because when you say “how interesting”, it seems to get people’s attention.
All the Zoo Animal Children gathered around Gizer to find out what he thought was so interesting.
When they did, he asked them if anyone was afraid of anything else besides mice and bullies.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Do You Live Your Life by Design or by Accident? The Elevator!

“What we call the

secret of happiness

is no more a secret than

our willingness

to choose life.”

Leo Buscaglia

Hypnosis and NLP can be used to help people regain control of their life – only if they WANT to. If they want to continue to blame others or to make excuses, then Hypnosis is not going to help.

Here’s a tool I use with my Hypnosis / NLP / Coaching clients in my Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex office:

"Life is Like an Elevator"
Life is like an elevator – it goes UP and it goes DOWN. When you’re on the elevator, it’s up to you to push the button for UP or DOWN.

Sometimes you get on the elevator and before you can push the button, maybe you stand there too long and someone else punches the button, and then you’re going DOWN or UP, depending on which one they punched.

What if it goes DOWN because of someone else’s action, and you didn’t want to go DOWN? You could get off on that floor and complain that you’re not happy where you are, but what good would that do? Or you stay on the elevator and push the UP button (you take action).

And if they push the UP button, but you’re not ready or willing to go UP, then you’re not going to get off on that floor – you’ll go back DOWN to the level where you want to be, or think you deserve to be.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Do You REALLY go to Sleep When You Are Hypnotized?

Gizer asleep on his couch - tired from guard duty and patrolling the neighborhood to keep it safe
“The greatest achievements

were at first and for a time dreams.

The oak sleeps in the acorn.”

James Allen

A lot of people think when they’re Hypnotized they’re going to be asleep.
Where do they get that idea? From television and stage Hypnosis. For whatever reason, Hypnotists in those circumstances use the word “Sleep” when what they really mean is “close your eyes and be relaxed.”

Of course, it doesn’t help much that the word “Hypnosis” is derived from a Greek word for sleep.  It was originally called “neuro-hypnotism”, meaning “sleep of the nerves”. 

The word Hypnosis was first coined around 1841 by a Scottish surgeon named James Braid. Many refer to Dr. Braid as “the Father of modern Hypnotism”.  It was originally intended to mean a “sleep” of the nervous system where the person experiencing Hypnosis would become physically relaxed and focused on a single idea while minimizing distractions. 

Later, Braid regretted using the word “Hypnosis” or “Hypnotism” because it encouraged the misconception that when a person was Hypnotized that they went to “sleep”. Here’s an excerpt from “Hypnotic Therapeutics written by Braid in 1853:

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