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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Do You Live Your Life by Design or by Accident? The Elevator!

“What we call the

secret of happiness

is no more a secret than

our willingness

to choose life.”

Leo Buscaglia

Hypnosis and NLP can be used to help people regain control of their life – only if they WANT to. If they want to continue to blame others or to make excuses, then Hypnosis is not going to help.

Here’s a tool I use with my Hypnosis / NLP / Coaching clients in my Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex office:

"Life is Like an Elevator"
Life is like an elevator – it goes UP and it goes DOWN. When you’re on the elevator, it’s up to you to push the button for UP or DOWN.

Sometimes you get on the elevator and before you can push the button, maybe you stand there too long and someone else punches the button, and then you’re going DOWN or UP, depending on which one they punched.

What if it goes DOWN because of someone else’s action, and you didn’t want to go DOWN? You could get off on that floor and complain that you’re not happy where you are, but what good would that do? Or you stay on the elevator and push the UP button (you take action).

And if they push the UP button, but you’re not ready or willing to go UP, then you’re not going to get off on that floor – you’ll go back DOWN to the level where you want to be, or think you deserve to be.

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