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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

An Imaginary Interview with Tony Romo – Cowboys Quarterback and part time Golfer.

Success in golf has a lot to do with being able to perform consistently at the highest level.  This requires great mental strength and self-belief that if you do hit a bad patch you can quickly get back on track.  Alongside working on my technique, I try to spend plenty of time developing the right mental state of mind for competition.”
 Ross Fisher team member of 2010 winning Ryder Cup team

OK, here’s me, Coach William C. Smith at a Dallas Cowboy game in 2009.  And no that’s not Tony Romo, but at least I got a fun picture with a “Cowboy” Star Wars soldier!
As you know, I’m a Sports Hypnotist in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex and Tony Romo is quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. I haven’t met Tony yet, but if you know him and want to see him do better in either football, or golf, feel free to give him my information. This is an imaginary interview with Tony Romo, but read it and you’ll find some useful ideas that can help you – regardless of your sport, age, or skill level.

Coach William – Tony, first of all, congratulations on your marriage. I’m sure you just disappointed a lot of women by taking your name off the bachelor list here in Dallas.

Tony Romo – Thanks Coach. Playing the field finally got old. I think this will help me be more focused for the next season.

Coach – Speaking of focus. I understand your golf focus needs a little work.

Tony – As you know, I play a lot of golf in the off season. It helps me relax and I just enjoy being outdoors and the competition.

Coach – Who’s your competition when you’re playing golf?

Tony – (Starts naming some names of other golfers and other athletes)

Coach – Well, there’s a big part of the problem!

Tony – My problem?

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