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Friday, June 10, 2016

The Seven Myths of Weight Loss that will Sabotage You! Using Hypnosis and NLP makes it Easier to REDUCE Weight and Keep it off!

“You must feed your mind
even as you feed your body,
and to make your mind healthy
you must feed it
nourishing, wholesome thoughts.”
Norman Vincent Peale

1 – Diets are good.  Really?  And how many “diets” have You been on?  Some may have taken some pounds off, and others might have left You feeling tired, or weak – unsatisfied.  And the fact that You’re looking at this page says the Diet didn’t last.  Why?  Usually when a person finishes the “diet” they go right back to their old unhealthy eating habits and the weight comes right back.

2 – Exercise is the answer!  Many people just don’t like the idea of exercising.  Just thinking about exercising, or going to the gym, or working out is a negative for some people.  How about “reframing” (an NLP technique) and doing some “movement” or “activity”.  No negative connotations to these words.  We move constantly – breathing, digestion, etc.  And Activity sounds like fun – like when we were kids!  Remember?

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