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Thursday, March 24, 2016

SPORTS HYPNOSIS – The Mental Advantage Competitors Hope You Never Discover!

“Baseball is ninety percent mental
and the other half is physical"
Yogi Berra

Let’s start with a few questions.

How old was Joe Montana when he won his first Super Bowl? You probably think you know. And would probably bet money on it. Wouldn’t you? Don’t put the money down yet. The answer will be towards the end of this article – the real answer that is.

How old were you when you reached the height of your success or will be when you do? Whether it’s business, football, hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf or whatever – think about that question for a few moments.

How much of your game / sport is physical?

And how much is mental?.

Most athletes tell me their sport is at least 50% mental. But how much of your time is spent doing mental practice? And how much physical?

The difference between an elite athlete and one just one notch down the ladder is just one step. The elite athlete spent more time on the mental game than the one on the next level down.

Athletes have a sports coach and many use personal trainers for the physical. But how many utilize a Coach to help them with the mental game?

Only the ones who really want to be on top of their game. The ones who really want to move to the next level above their teammates and opponents.

And in this article, I want to teach you some of the techniques I use with my athletes during individual or group sessions when I’m working with them to help them reach their sports goals.

“Be careful of the words you use
and the questions you ask yourself,
because your SubConscious is listening!”
William C. Smith

Now let me ask you another question. Think about it before you answer. Are you ready? Who is your competition? Write it down.

To read more go to:  http://www.hypnosisrc.com/dallas_fort_worth_sports_hypnosis_mental_edge_competitors_hope_you_never_discover.html 

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