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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Three Little Words that Keep an Athlete from Confident Sports Performance

"The significant
problems we face
cannot be solved
at the same level
of thinking
we were at
when we
created them."

Albert Einstein

It amazes me how many athletes call me to discuss Sports Hypnosis and the conversation starts off with, “Coach, my problem is.” Or “Coach, I have a problem!”
It doesn’t matter whether it's’ for golf, tennis, hockey, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, body building, MMA or any other sport, they seem to all start off with the same first few words. 

Before we even get into a discussion about what the problem is they’re calling about, I interrupt. And if you call, I’ll do the same with you!
Not because I’m being rude, but the Coaching / Sports Hypnosis starts during the initial contact, usually within the first 2 – 3 minutes, if not sooner.
Here’s how the conversation continues:

Coach – “YOUR problem?” I ask with an incredulous tone of voice.

Athlete – Usually says something like “What? Uh yeah, my problem is.”
Coach -- Before they get out another word, I interrupt again, “I don’t understand. Why would you be telling me about something you want to keep? I thought you were calling for Sports Hypnosis and wanted some help from me”

Athlete – A little bewildered, “Keep? No, I don’t want to keep it. And I was calling you for Sports Hypnosis so you could help me get rid of my problem.”

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