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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Another Alpha Edge for Athletes -- "Yeah / Ummmph" or "Bigger / Stronger"???

“You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” -Marcus Aurelius AD 121-180)

Have you ever been in a gym and heard lots of grunts and groans, especially from the guys (and some ladies too) who are really serious about lifting weights?  What’s all that noise about?
Let me give you another tool I teach my Athletes during their Sports Hypnosis sessions with me. During a workout, when you really want to build your stamina and endurance and make the workout even better, talk to yourself – but in a special way.

Let’s pretend you’re lifting weights. And with each upward move you say “Bigger” and each downward move “Stronger”. Maybe you misunderstood when I said “say”. I don’t mean like a wimpy “bigger”. I mean a real “BIGGER!!!”
Do you have to do it out loud? Sure, why not? Are you really that worried about what someone else will think? If you are, can you scream in your head? You can – either way, whichever suits you best. When possible, I would suggest doing it out loud – VERY LOUD!

But I know some of you are thinking “what will other people think?” or one of my Athletes pointed out to me that by saying it out loud, maybe other Athletes would start doing it too and improving.

OK – if they’re on the same team and it’ll get you closer to a Super Bowl if you play football or hockey players might want to win the Stanley Cup, then it might be worth it.  If it’s your high school or college teammates, why not share something that will help the team?
But here’s what you’ll have that they don’t. You’ll know why you’re doing it and you’ll be using that as only one tool in your mental toolbox to begin to change any negative self talk to powerful, Positive Self Talk.

And a very important aspect of this tool – when you’re saying it, in your mind see / feel yourself as BIGGER and STRONGER!
You may be wondering how I came up with that. One of my professional Athletes invited me over to his home to visit and do a Hypnosis session with him there. To continue reading, please go to:

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